Dealing with leaving Procedure办理离店手续
Bell Captain (BC): This is the Bell Captain’s Desk. May I help you?
Guest (G): I’m going to check out soon. Could you pick up my luggage, please? 我要退房了,你能上来拿行李吗?
BC: Certainly, sir. May I have your room number, please?
G: Yes. It’s 2932. 。好的,2932房。
BC: Room 2932.We will send a bellman immediately. Could you wait in your room, please?
Bellman (B): Good morning, sir. I’ve come for your bags.
G: Thank you. Could you take these two suitcases, please? I’ll bring the shoulder bag with me.
B: Certainly, sir. Two suitcases? 好的,两件行李箱是吗?
G: Yes. 是的。
B: Is there anything valuable or breakable in them?
G: No. 没有。
B: This is your claim tag, sir. We will keep your bags at the Bell Captain’s Desk. Could you pick them up there, please?
G: Certainly. 好的。
B: Thank you, sir. 谢谢您。